Transmission Services Brooklyn NY

You vehicle's transmission health should be a number one priority, but in most cases, many drivers fail to consider the importance of this vital component until disaster strikes. What makes proper transmission performance so important is the integral role it plays converting the power generated from your motor into torque and speed. For transmission services in Brooklyn, NY, schedule an appointment at Bay Ridge Ford today.

Most Important Components in Your Transmission

  • Torque Converter: The torque converter operates very similarly to the clutch in a manual transmission. When your vehicle is stopped, your torque converter hypes up the power generated by the motor to keep your car at a healthy idle. If this component begins to fail, you may notice your car or truck idling rough or stalling when at a stop.
  • Transmission Gears: Your vehicle's transmission gears are designed to take the power provided by the motor and convert it to torque and speed. If your vehicle is a 6-speed automatic, this means it has six transmission gear combinations that engage at certain RPMs to maintain proper engine performance at varying speeds. If a gear has failed, or the transmission is not properly shifting in or out of a certain gear, damaged gears or gear shafts could be the culprits.
  • Transmission Sensors: The sensors on your transmission are what transmit information between your engine, transmission and ECU. These sensors control shift efficiency, engine and transmission output, and determine performance based on accelerator pedal position and engine load. These sensors play an integral part in how your vehicle performs, and if damaged, you may notice missed shifts, a rough idle or stalling.
  • Clutch: The clutch is what allows manual vehicles to smoothly switch gears and properly shift. If the clutch is damaged or plates are excessively worn, it may cause slippage. Make an appointment at Bay Ridge Ford today for transmission repairs in Brooklyn.

Signs of Damaged Transmission Components

  • Park to Drive Delay: When this occurs, your will experience a delay in gear engagement when shifting the vehicle from park to drive. In some cases, when you attempt to give the vehicle gas, it will stall or run extremely roughly.
  • Gear Slip: In an automatic transmission, a gear slip may feel like your vehicle is shifting gears excessively or is unable to find the correct gear for your current speed or RPM range. If the car or truck is having a hard time shifting into higher or lower gears upon acceleration or deceleration, this could be a result of slippage.
  • Clutch Slip: If you are having a hard time shifting your manual vehicle or it feels like the clutch is not properly engaging or disengaging, worn clutch plates may be causing the issue. If this occurs and it is not taken care of, it could cause catastrophic damage to your vital transmission components.
  • Leaks: If you notice a transmission leak, this could be caused by a bad transmission gasket or a broken line or fitting. If a leak is causing your vehicle to lose fluid, you could seriously damage your transmission's mechanical components.

Regular Service that Prevents Transmission Failure

The only way to prevent damage to your transmission is to schedule regular maintenance services with your trusted Ford Dealer. Bay Ridge Ford offers a full-service menu that includes transmission fluid flush, computer diagnostics, complete transmission repair and replacement, and performance transmission part installation. The friendly certified Ford technicians at Bay Ridge have access to genuine Ford parts and accessories, as well as state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and specialty tools. Don't forget to check out our Ford service specials page for coupons and deals on parts and service.

If you're interested in making an appointment for a transmission fluid change or repair, please visit our site or call our service department at (888) 582-4634. We are conveniently located at 612 86th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11228.