Tire Services in Brooklyn, NY

Drivers from Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens may not know that one of the most important parts of the vehicle is right in plain site. The tires on your vehicle not only provide your car with the ability to move, but it also accounts for the great performance that you can expect from your vehicle. So to help you make sure your tires stay running at their best, Bay Ridge Ford has listed a few components to check below. For tire services in Brooklyn, schedule an appointment with our team of mechanics conveniently online.

Age of Your Tire

The more you drive, whether you're driving 100 miles a day or 10, the more you're putting wear and tear on your tires. So it's obvious twintertires1.jpghat with time, your tires will wear too thin for it to properly function. It's recommended that you replace your tires every year; however, if you want a more exact time from for your tires, be sure to consult a technician at Bay Ridge Ford, or check your manual.

Tire Treads

Your tire treads play a crucial role for your car. It helps provide traction for better grip when driving on slippery roads after a rain storm or snow storm. It's important to have a sufficient tire tread depth because without this, you can experience decreased traction that results in slippage and even an accident on the road. A great way to check your tread depth is by taking a penny and inserting it head down into the tire tread, if you can see the top of Abraham Lincoln's head, your tire treads are too low and you need to go to Bay Ridge Ford's service center for tire service.

Tire Pressure

The pressure in your tires can surely make or break your tires. Over-inflated tires cause a rough ride and drive and the center of your tires will wear out faster than the center. Under-inflated tires cause rough handling, a decreased fuel economy, and uneven wear as the edge of your tire will wear out faster than the center. It can also cause over-heated tires when driving at highway speeds, and this can cause a blow out. So to help avoid these problems, it's best to find a medium when inflating your tires so they are neither over-inflated nor under inflated. It's best that you check the pressure of your tires at least once a month as 1 psi is lost each month. However, you can also check your manual or talk to a technician at Bay Ridge Ford for a more exact time frame.

You tires don't just help make your vehicle move from place to place; they also allow a better overall performance for your car. So be sure to take care of them, and check the factors listed above to help ensure your tires and your car lives a full life.

If you have any questions or believe you need to order new tires, be sure to stop by the service center at Bay Ridge Ford where we're proudly serving those in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Bronx. Don't wait until it's too late; schedule your service appointment today! For additional information about tires, read our page on "When Do You Need a Tire Change?"