Ford Vehicle Safety

Safety is always a concern for drivers in Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and everywhere else across the country. Drivers search for the toughest bodies and the most advanced airbag system before they even start making a list of prospective new cars. However, as the ti

mes change and the technology becomes more and more advanced, drivers are also looking at the safety features to keep them and their passengers safe every time they step inside. Ford understands the importance of safety, so it has added the best and most advanced safety features into each and every one of their vehicles. Below is just a few of the features inside the new Ford models. Stop by Bay Ridge Ford today to test drive the new 2015 Ford models.

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Safety Features of the 2015 Ford Focus

Safety Features of the 2015 Ford Fusion

Safety Features of the 2015 Ford Fiesta

Safety Features of the 2015 Ford Edge

Safety Features of the 2015 Ford Explorer

Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross Traffic Alert

BLIS featured in most of the brand new Ford models including the 2015 Ford Fusion is a great way for drivers to take a look at their surroundings better than ever before. Using a radar it can detect if a vehicle is driving in your blind spots. When you're ready to change lanes, and BLIS sees a car in your blind spot, it will turn on the indicator light on the appropriate side mirror. The Cross Traffic Alert works with the same radar that BLIS uses, and this feature allows you to know if any vehicles are approaching from up to 15 yards away when you're backing up the vehicle. If there is a car approaching, the system will send you a visual display warning on the side mirror where the vehicle is coming from.

Lane Keeping System

Learn more details about the Ford Edge's safety rating and details on the Ford Focus safety features. The 2015 Ford Edge the Lane Keeping System as one of its features. This technology is able to monitor and identify clearly-marked lanes ahead while you drive. If it sees that you're getting too close to a lane marker without properly signaling, it sends a vibrating alert to your steering wheel and applies the steering torque to warn you to get back to the center of your lane.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Perhaps one of the most advanced features that Ford has added to their 2015 lineup is the Adaptive Cruise Control. This feature works just like the normal cruise control setting; however, this can help you avoid certain collisions when cruising. It uses sensors to detect when traffic is slowing in front of you, and works to slow your vehicle down. Once traffic starts to pick up, the system will then work to speed you back up to the preset speed. Best of all, the Adaptive Cruise Control setting gives you control of the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you when driving. So when it slows and stops your car down, you'll stop at the appropriate distance between you and the car in front of you. And when traffic picks back up, the system maintains the distance you set as you speed up.

Ford FusionForward Collision Warning

The Forward Collision Warning seen on the 2015 Ford Taurus sends you an alert if it detects that you're at risk of a frontal collision. A head up display that that simulates brake light will appear on the windshield, to warn you to slow down and stop. If you don't react in time, the system will pre-charge the brakes and increase the sensitivity of the brake assist so when you do hit the brakes, you'll get the full response.


As a standard feature on most of the 2015 Ford models, the rearview camera can give you a complete look at what's behind you when you're slowing backing up to help you avoid any collisions with objects or any other vehicles. Also, the 2015 Ford Edge is featuring a 180-degree front camera that is activated when driving at slow speeds. So that means you'll be able to see around corners, and even when you're pulling out of a parking spot or your driveway. This will give you an even better look at what is around you helping you avoid collisions and accidents.


Many of the Ford models this year has included an advance airbag system complete with seven airbags. Seen in the 2015 Ford Fiesta, this system includes a driver's knee airbag, a second and third row side curtain airbag, and an airbag that inflates between the window and the passengers' heads to provide the best protection.

Ford understands that all drivers look for the best safety specifications in every car they look at. That's why they included the best features in their new 2015 lineup to protect both you and your passengers.

The 2015 Ford lineup is starting to fill the showroom at Bay Ridge Ford and our customers from Queens, Bronx, and Manhattan are already piling in check out these new models. If you're interested in testing out some of these features to see how they can help you, be sure to stop by and
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